New Basemap Options and Other Enhancements to Interactive MapsJanuary 31, 2017

Overlay New Marine Life Data with Human Use and Environmental DataDecember 14, 2016

National Ocean Council Certifies the Northeast Ocean PlanDecember 7, 2016

Marine Life Data Enhancements Released in Conjunction with 2016 Northeast Ocean PlanOctober 19, 2016

New Multibeam Bathymetry Survey Data Posted for Maine, New York, and Connecticut July 19, 2016

Release of the Draft Northeast Ocean PlanMay 25, 2016

A Trove of New Maps of Marine Mammals, Birds, and Fish in the Northeast U.S. OceanMay 25, 2016

National Security Theme Added to Northeast Ocean DataMay 25, 2016

Baseline Assessment Maps Show Demographic and Economic Data for the NortheastMay 25, 2016

New Map Shows Priority Restoration and Conservation Projects in New EnglandMarch 17, 2016

Updated Maps of Physical and Biological Habitat DataMarch 17, 2016

Northeast Ocean Data Maps Now Link Directly to Related Studies in Bureau of Ocean Energy Management DatabaseMarch 17, 2016

Redesigned Home Page Reflects New Data Themes in Support of the Upcoming Draft Northeast Ocean PlanMarch 17, 2016

Updated Maps of Fishing Vessel Activity and New Maps of Fishery Management AreasDecember 8, 2015

New Recreation Data Show Whale Watching, SCUBA, Sailing, Surfing, and MoreNovember 6, 2015

Commercial Vessel Traffic Map Updated with 2013 DataNovember 6, 2015

Updates to Interactive Maps, Home Page, and Upcoming Products PageMay 7, 2015

Centralized Source of Eelgrass Maps and Data for the NortheastMarch 26, 2015

Energy Map Updated Following Lease Sale of Portions of the Massachusetts Wind Planning AreaMarch 11, 2015

Bathymetric Dataset Released for Vicinity of New York and New JerseyFebruary 27, 2015

Updates and Additions to the Bathymetry Data PagesJanuary 15, 2015

New Regional Map of Coastal Historic SitesDecember 16, 2014

New Centralized Source of Bathymetry DataOctober 16, 2014

Redesigned Home Page Accommodates Growing Collection of Maps and DataOctober 27, 2014

New Map of Lakes, Estuaries, Rivers, and Coastlines for Which Pollution Budgets (TMDLs) Have Been SetSeptember 26, 2014

Maps Show Predicted Habitats of Deep-Sea Corals in the NortheastSeptember 24, 2014

EPA Beach Advisory and Closing Online Notification (BEACON) System MapSeptember 15, 2014

National Park Service Boundaries Now Available on Northeast Ocean DataAugust 27, 2014

Northeast Ocean Data provides data and maps for the Northeast Ocean Plan.