Members of the Northeast Ocean Data Portal team will be making presentations about the Portal at the Northeast Arc Users Group (NEARC) and the Coastal and Estuarine Research Foundation (CERF) conferences in November.

On November 6, Jenna Ducharme (RPS ASA) will present “Update on Ocean Use Mapping in the Northeast” at the 2017 Fall NEARC Conference in Newport, Rhode Island. This year, multiple datasets on the Northeast Ocean Data Portal have undergone updates, and exciting new functionality has been added to give the user more control over the data-viewing environment. Jenna’s presentation will highlight some of the recent major updates and demonstrate the new ability for users to view hundreds of individual fish, marine mammal, and bird species data layers with other data that support ocean planning.

On November 9, Emily Shumchenia (E&C Enviroscape) will present “The Northeast Ocean Data Portal – A Decision Support Tool for Ocean Planning” at the CERF 2017 conference in Providence, Rhode Island. Emily will discuss the Portal’s role as a foundational element of the first regional ocean plan in the U.S., describe the data and tools in the Portal that enable users to better understand relationships among ocean characteristics and uses, and highlight case studies that illustrate uses of the Portal in decision-making.