A Centralized Source of Reliable Data and Maps of New England’s Ocean

The Northeast Ocean Data Portal is a centralized, peer-reviewed source of data and interactive maps of the ocean ecosystem and ocean-related human activities in the northeastern United States. The maps on the Portal show the richness and diversity of the ecosystem and illustrate the many ways that humans and environmental resources interact. By providing user-friendly, centralized, and free access to data, information, and tools, the Portal facilitates decision making by a broad range of government agencies, industries, non-government organizations, academic entities, and individuals. Portal users can access data in a variety of ways: by theme, by making custom maps in the Data Explorer, or by directly downloading the data for personal use.

A Decision Support Tool for the Northeast Region

The Northeast Ocean Data Portal was established in 2009 and is used for a variety of purposes including coastal and ocean planning and management, regulatory and siting issues, and education and research. Case Studies provide examples of how the Portal is used to inform ocean planning, fisheries management, maritime safety, offshore wind development, aquaculture siting, and other applications.

From 2012 to 2016, the Portal was used to support the development of the Northeast Ocean Plan. In the time since the Plan was certified in December 2016, the Portal has been used by agencies in the region to implement the Plan. The Portal continues to play an important role in the region by providing easily accessible, expert-reviewed data on human uses and activities for use in decision-making by a range of government agencies, businesses and other ocean stakeholders.

Made Possible by Many Data Providers and Collaborators

The Portal was developed and is maintained by the Northeast Regional Ocean Council (NROC), but many organizations contribute. Data providers include state and federal agencies, scientists, ocean industries, non-governmental organizations, and other entities. All of these groups, plus a variety of stakeholders, review Portal data and advise on data presentation and visualization. A core team, the Northeast Ocean Data Working Group, maintains and updates the Portal’s databases, maps, and website. The Northeast Ocean Data Working Group includes the Northeast Regional Ocean CouncilNOAA Office for Coastal ManagementNortheastern Regional Association of Coastal Ocean Observing Systems (NERACOOS), RPS,  The Nature Conservancy, and Waterview Consulting.

Contact Us

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This site is maintained by the Northeast Regional Ocean Council (NROC) as a resource for geospatial data products for New England’s ocean.


Looking for Real-time Ocean Data in New England?

Our partner NERACOOS (Northeastern Regional Association of Coastal and Ocean Observing Systems) is the source for real-time oceanographic data in the Northeast region. The Northeast Ocean Data Portal hosts several map layers developed from NERACOOS data, such as sea surface temperature, that summarize real-time observations for planning and management purposes.