We’ve revised the navigation menu and the map headers on the Northeast Ocean Data Portal to make the site even more user-friendly.

Map Header

When using the Data Explorer and Theme Maps, you’ll find that the white header at the top of the page is much smaller, leaving more space for the map, which is especially helpful on tablets.

Navigation Menu

The updated and reorganized navigation menu provides quick access to important pages and new Portal content. Here’s a rundown of the revised menu:


  • News – Recent and archived news items and newsletters
  • Data Updates – A running list of new and revised datasets on the Portal
  • Tutorials – Brief videos that help you get the most out of the Portal


A growing list of content that relates to current ocean planning and management issues in the region


Theme Maps show pre-selected, curated collections of data on key topics.


The Data Explorer is a full-featured map for viewing custom combinations of data from all themes.


  • Data Download – Links to download data for use in ArcGIS Desktop and other GIS/data platforms outside
  • External Data Sources – Links to other sources of maps and data

ABOUT – A brief summary of why the Portal was developed, who contributes to it, and who maintains it

  • Case Studies – Examples of the many ways that public- and private-sector organizations use the Northeast Ocean Data Portal
  • Technical Background – Overview of the Portal’s technical architecture
  • Policies and Standards – A select listing of controlling authorities pertaining to ocean planning
  • In the Media – Links to news articles, blogs, and other media about the Portal