We are releasing a redesigned home page for NortheastOceanData.org that incorporates new types of data and sets the stage for more data that will be added soon in support of regional ocean planning in the northeastern United States.

The Data Explorer button at the top of the home page links to a comprehensive map where you can choose to view any combination of data on human activities, marine life, and the environment. This comprehensive map offers centralized access to every type of data provided by Northeast Ocean Data. It is most suitable for people who are familiar with interactive mapping tools and geographic information systems.

The sixteen photo buttons on the home page link to maps and data resources focused on specific topics using data from the Explorer. The topics correspond to ocean resources and human activities that were a focus of discussions throughout the Northeast ocean planning process. If you want to add other types of data to an interactive map, simply click the “View this data with other layers” link at the bottom of the Legend box.

Along with the redesigned home page, we are releasing important new and updated datasets and expanded website functionality. Click the links below for related news items:

  • Restoration: A new thematic map of priority restoration and conservation projects in New England
  • Habitat: A newly reconfigured map of seafloor characteristics, oceanographic properties, and biologically formed habitats
  • Environmental Studies Program Information System (ESPIS): Each interactive map includes new links that automatically search ESPIS for relevant BOEM-sponsored studies
  • Aquaculture: Updated map of aquaculture sites in Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and offshore waters
  • Ocean Disposal Sites: Updated map of active and inactive disposal sites

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Screenshot of Redesigned Home Page

Screenshot of home page