In June 2019, the Northeast Data Portal, in coordination with the Marine-life Data and Analysis Team (MDAT), the NOAA Northeast Fisheries Science Center (NEFSC)OceanAdapt, and the Mid-Atlantic Ocean Data Portal, released updated maps depicting the distribution and biomass of fish species in the northeastern U.S. continental shelf ecosystem.

A new tutorial demonstrates how to access the updated data products and displays some of the new and updated features in the updated maps, including:

  • Layers showing average species biomass over approximately the most recent decade
  • Addition of spring trawl results and how to compare biomass between fall and spring
  • Ability to view federal trawl results with various state and coastal trawl results
  • How to overlay fish biomass data with other data layers in the Data Explorer

View the tutorial by clicking on the video player above, or watch it at

See the June 2019 announcement for more information about the updated federal trawl data products.

View a recording of the marine life webinar jointly hosted by the Northeast Ocean Data Portal and Mid-Atlantic Ocean Data Portal from July 2019.

Read the updated MDAT Technical Report.