Northeast Ocean Data announces the release of a new interactive map of data from the National Register of Historic Places. The map shows historically and culturally significant sites within ten kilometers of the coastline in Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New York.

The National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) was established by the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966. The NRHP database is a listing of buildings, objects, properties, and districts that have significance in American history or culture and are noteworthy for preservation.

Northeast Ocean Data developed this regional database and map in collaboration with the State Historic Preservation Offices of Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New York, which provided databases of NRHP sites in their states. Some NRHP sites may be missing from the map as the states are working on updating their datasets. We will be updating the regional dataset on an annual basis.

The map does not currently include NRHP sites in New Hampshire and Connecticut because databases for those states are now being developed. The data for those states will be added when they are available.

In addition to the interactive map, the regional NRHP database is available on the data download page, where it can be downloaded for use in GIS and other applications.

Preview of Interactive Map

Map of Historic PlacesClick on image to open interactive map in a new window