Multibeam sonar data overlaid on nautical chartNortheast Ocean Data announces the release of a new centralized source of bathymetry data for the northeastern United States.

Bathymetry is the measurement of water depth and the shape of seafloor terrain. Just as topographic maps represent the three-dimensional features of dry land, bathymetric maps illustrate the land that lies underwater.

The new bathymetry resource page offers:

  • data from more than 100 seafloor mapping surveys conducted with multibeam sonar,
  • an inventory of multibeam surveys that have been planned or conducted but for which data are not yet available,
  • a gallery featuring selected bathymetric mapping products, and
  • a directory of additional bathymetry data sources.
Map and spreadsheet of multibeam sonar surveys

Interactive Map and List of Multibeam Sonar Surveys

Bathymetry from Montauk, New York, to Nantucket Shoals

Bathymetry from Montauk, New York, to Nantucket Shoals