We are pleased to announce several enhancements to the Northeast Ocean Data Portal’s interactive maps: 

  • More basemap options:  The Basemaps menu now includes Esri Streets and Esri National Geographic, along with Oceans, Satellite, and Chart.
  • Information about Marine Life data: Information about the MDAT Marine Life map layers is now provided in the Data Explorer, as well as in the Marine Life thematic maps.
  • Adjustable width of table of contents: The list of map layers can be made wider or narrower as needed to view layer names or the map.
  • Resize-able “About this Map” boxes: Users can now adjust the height and width of the text boxes that appear when the “About” button is clicked.
  • Consistent map view: The geographic area shown on the map now stays the same when the user switches from one thematic map to another.

This brief video demonstrates the basemaps and other enhancements.

Check out the enhancements for yourself in the Data Explorer.