This map shows No Discharge Zones, which are areas where commercial and recreational vessels are prohibited from discharging treated or untreated sewage. Section 312 of the Clean Water Act authorizes states to establish No Discharge Zones and the EPA to approve them based on its determination that there are sufficient sewage pump-out facilities to serve the area’s boating population. This map also provides links to state websites for information on pumpout stations.

Data Considerations

The map shows final and proposed No Discharge Zones for EPA Region 1 and Region 2, which were updated in 2013 and 2011, respectively. The No Discharge Zone boundaries are based on information within the Federal Register and were produced by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for Regions 1 and 2. Zone boundaries in Region 1 were also coordinated with the Massachusetts Coastal Zone Management. Boundaries between different zone features were harmonized to eliminate discrepancies.


Northeast Ocean Data will continue to coordinate with EPA to update this map when new data become available.