This map shows the locations of potential ecosystem restoration projects in the Northeast that require funding, as initially identified by the Northeast Regional Planning Body’s Restoration Subcommittee. Each project site includes a description of the habitat functions to be enhanced or restored, a link to the project website (if available), and information on project phase, cost, and acres or stream miles to be restored. Any parties interested in funding the non-federal portion of a project may contact the appropriate state subcommittee representative for additional information.

Overview of federal programs that fund restoration projects

This map also shows streams, rivers, lakes, and ponds (from the National Hydrography Datasets when zoomed to the 288K scale), eelgrass beds, and coastal wetlands as context for the restoration projects.

Data Considerations

The Northeast Restoration Site dataset includes only projects that are not fully funded and therefore represent potential investment opportunities for a range of funding sources.

Points on the map represent approximations of potential project locations. See metadata for information on how site locations were mapped for each project.


The map of potential restoration projects was last updated in May 2016 and is considered a work-in-progress. These data will continue to be updated by the Northeast Regional Planning Body’s Restoration Subcommittee as described in the 2016 Northeast Ocean Plan.

Support for Regional Ocean Planning

For information about how these data and maps were developed with stakeholder input and will be used to support regional ocean planning, please see the 2016 Northeast Ocean Plan at www.neoceanplanning.org.