This map shows the extent and footprint of Department of Defense (DoD) activities and presence within the region, including areas for various surface and subsurface naval operations as well as pertinent infrastructure.

Data Considerations

The data and metadata in the map were provided by a contractor to the U.S. Navy and are considered final and authoritative. These layers include military installations, warning areas, range complexes, submarine transit lanes, testing ranges, and other areas. The map also includes a layer for danger zones and restricted areas which is hosted externally by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Additional information is available by clicking on the layer name for each layer in the legend.


Data were created in December 2015 and are final. These data will be updated as described in the 2016 Northeast Ocean Plan.

Support for Regional Ocean Planning

For information about how these data and maps were developed with stakeholder input and will be used to support regional ocean planning, please see the 2016 Northeast Ocean Plan at www.neoceanplanning.org.