This map shows locations of aquaculture activities in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Suffolk County, New York, as well as in offshore federal waters in the Northeast. The map also shows shellfish management areas across the region.

Data Considerations

This map should be considered a work in progress. Site data are regularly reviewed by state officials, and this map uses the best available information provided by each state and as such reflects difference among states in how aquaculture is documented. The map shows specific lease or license areas in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Eastern Suffolk County, New York. It also shows managed natural shellfish beds in Connecticut to show additional areas of aquaculture activity in the state.

Data on shellfish management areas in each state were aggregated and classified to display areas where shellfish harvesting is approved, restricted, or prohibited on a permanent or temporary basis. In some cases shellfish harvesting may be prohibited after rainstorms because of the likely presence of toxins that are not present under normal conditions.


This map was last updated in November 2018. These data will continue to be updated as described in the 2016 Northeast Ocean Plan.

Support for Regional Ocean Planning

For information about how these data and maps were developed with stakeholder input and will be used to support regional ocean planning, please see the 2016 Northeast Ocean Plan at www.neoceanplanning.org.