The Northeast Ocean Data Working Group is pleased to announce an update to, featuring new data types, new and updated interactive maps on key topics, and a redesigned data viewer. These enhancements are a result of several months of collaborations with stakeholders to better develop and present information to support ocean planning.

Among the new data now available on the website are:

  • A compilation of aquaculture sites in Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Maine that is developed in collaboration with the states and informed by industry.
  • A map of recreational boating activity based on the results of the 2012 Northeast Recreational Boater Survey. This map serves as a precursor to additional recreational information that will come out of this partnership with boaters and the boating industry.
  • Maps of pilot boarding areas, navigational safety and security zones, regulated navigation areas, and marine mammal management areas developed at the recommendation of the maritime commerce sector.
  • More maps of marine life, including data sets on marine mammals, sea turtles, plankton, and fish provided by the NOAA Northeast Fisheries Science Center and The Nature Conservancy. These initial maps provide a starting point for discussions with stakeholders about the appropriate characterization of natural resources in support of ocean planning.

We have also improved access to and display of the data, including:

  • New interactive maps for data related to fish, plankton, sea turtles, and recreation.
  • Updates to existing interactive maps with new data related to aquaculture, maritime commerce, and energy.
  • A redesigned data viewer, providing more effective access to our entire data catalog, including the ability to search for data by keyword.

The Working Group continues to work with stakeholders to refine the data and maps that support ocean planning and decision making in the Northeast.

Northeast Ocean Data provides data and maps for the Northeast Ocean Plan.